This site exists to hold paraphrases of verbal and e-mail discussions I’ve had with people who did not want to enter comments on my web pages.


I am tired of people attempting to help by communicating with me in private. Rarely does anything come of it.  I believe that with rare exceptions, discussions are only useful if they are public, so others can see them, and perhaps add their own views.

For my bad-tempered remarks on this see my collaboration page.  I created it after on particular correspondent wrote me e-mail after e-mail, all very long, insisting that he wanted to help, but refused to make any of those comments publicly, even anonymously.  

This is not unusual.  Many people have harangued me about one thing or another, leaving me unsure about what to do.  I’d very much like to have those remarks as comments on my web pages, but few people want to do that.  So instead, I will enter the substance of their comments myself, on pages or posts.  I hope those paraphrases might spur others on to comment, or at least remind me of what has been said, so that I can think about the issues.


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