politics just the edge of the same coin

I have begun to feel that it is not just that religion and sex are opposite sides of the same coin, but that politics is the edge of the coin. Orthagonal to the other dimension, but ultimately part of the same thing. Underneath all the political rhetoric is differences in how people view sex and religion. Isn’t that so? Even interracial politics seem to have that origin, since many people find people of the other race either more or less sexually attractive, which colours their opinion of the whole race, so to speak. And many people of different races treat their religious activity quite differently, resulting probably from a long history of different religious practices, hundreds of years old. So sex, religion and politics may be parts of the same coin. If it were not so, interracial mixing should have blended the races long ago, while all three of these should seem more independent of one another. But they are not independent. Election returns, personality profiles and religious polls all show correlations between these things. I don’t like this. We would be better off if there was less correlation, that is to say if people made up their own minds more often. That should be taught in schools, which it won’t be as long as people ignore these correlations.

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