Let me be blunt about this:  I badly want to collaborate with someone, but I’ve had almost no luck with it so far.  I have spent thousands of hours corresponding with people who want to collaborate in some way, but almost all of it was in private e-mail or other messages.  Hardly any of it was visible to the public.  I’ve come to the conclusion that with the sole exception of personal matters, time spent on private messages is time wasted.  None of it is work, it is coffee-break or water-cooler conversation.  Real work involves work.  At an absolute minimum it involves making comments on website pages and posts, for others to see.

One person who prefers to remain anonymous pointed out to me in a private conversation that “networking is better than broadcasting”.  Of course it is, or would be, if it was easy enough to build good networks.  I’ve been saying that for decades.  I wish it was easy to form constructive networks, but it just isn’t.  It has proved impossible for me to join in a supportive and productive social network.  How well have you succeeded?  Look at the people you communicate with — do you feel frustration dealing with them, or does it all go smoothly?  If if doesn’t, they are the wrong people.  Find the right ones.

Let me just pick one example, the high divorce rate.  Marrying is the ultimate form of networking, forming a supposedly eternal bond.  Often it doesn’t work.  Like so many other attempts to build a network of friends and colleagues, marriage is often a failure.

I do not want to spend time communicating in private conversations with people.  I would if it proved constructive, but so far that has rarely happened.  The most it has done is force me to repeat in one place what I have said in another.  So, if you have anything to say about what I am doing, say it in public.  Add comments here or on one of my other sites.  If what you say is consistently helpful, I will change the settings to allow you to add posts of your own on whatever topics interest you.

In saying all this, I may have scared everyone away.  So I do not expect any comments at all on this site.  I’ve just put it up here as a destination site for people who think they want to help, but only want to talk. 

In particular, one anonymous person at once saw the commercial applications of social technology and insisted that I needed a business plan.  In the time it took him to harangue me with long messages, he could easily have drafted one that I might flesh out and send back to him.  Well qualified to do that, his version of help was to insist that I do it all myself.  Then he blamed my ego for not accepting his advice.  If you want to help in any way please actually help.  If you are suggesting a commercial application, then should a business actually result and there was to be any profit, those who helped would receive something in return.  Those who just insisted I do everything myself will not.  Their loss.

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