Different Views

I originally intended this site for discussions of matters relating to correspondence with others, mostly concerned with business applications of social technology.  However, there are many other topics which motivate discussion.  I have a site devoted to different views of the universe.   These include those of a religious nature or ones involving a belief in the supernatural, but my discussion of them is based on the idea that they are mostly nonsense, but may include some “leakage” of truth, which is to be found in a transformed version of the scientific facts.

For example, the universe may be described in terms of interacting particles, or as waves.  The latter is usually considered only microscopic scales, but if applied to the universe as a whole, something entirely different from the conventional “big bang” theory emerges.  Neither the Big Bang in which particles were created at a specific point in time nor the timeless wave theory is right.  They are just transformed versions of one another.